What is the Point of Biosignature?

Is the end goal just to spot reduce fat or can it effect your hormonal profile going forward??

The point of Biosignature is to correct your hormonal profile; to get your body functioning properly. The spot reduction is just the result of correcting whatever is out of whack.

It is not just about spot reduction and loss of body fat/body composition… it is about improvement of overall life as well. If your hormones are off balance, your life, energy, etc… suck.

Agreed with the other posters, Biosignature is an assessment technique meant to optimize your physiology by rebalancing your hormonal profile with diet, exercise and supplementation. Weight loss and spot reduction are added bonus and comes from a healthy body that you don’t have to fight against to reach a physique goal.

It can also help majorly with mass gains; Testosterone is an hormone as well :wink: