What is the Optimal Number of Weekly Injections with High SHBG?

With an SHBG of 85.9 ref range 16.9-55.9, what’s better .25ml injection 4x per week or 1ml once per week? 1ml/200mg tcyp.

e2 154 range is 7-42
free 21 range 6.5-21.9
total >1500 range 264-916

I’ve have a number of guys like that and they’ve done fine with once weekly dosing. 200mg will put them at 900-1200 (250-1100) at trough.

Some might tell you to go with frequent injections due to the E2, but I wouldn’t unless it was causing problems for you.


Do people with high SHBG typically need higher E2? Does the Estrogen get bound?

SHBG binds all androgens. Estradiol is an androgen as well

But when it comes to estrogen is it insignificant? Everyone always talks about Free T but you never see Free E mentioned.

First because there is no effective way to measure it, second because estradiol in blood is very small portion and not very significant

Estrogen is not an androgen it is an ‘estro’ gen. It is a sex hormone though and does get bound.

Dude are you joking?

‘andro’ means male, no? I am not joking.

So males dont have estradiol? It is getting more funny…

I didn’t say that. I said it is not an androgen as far as I know. If I am wrong fine.

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There are different classifications, but recently many classify it as androgen because the small portion in the blood is bound to shbg and also for males it is as equally important as testosterone.
From there on its mechanism of action and production is very different and thats why the portion in blood is insignificant. Estradiol is not an endocrine hormone and most estrogens as well

A quick google confirms that testosterone and DHT are androgens and estrogen is not

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Ya, I knew it wasn’t but didn’t feel like going back and forth with Vonko. And he was asking me if I was joking and saying it was getting funny. Testosterone is an 'andro’gen. Estradiol is an 'estro’gen.


@vonko1988 estradiol is NOT an androgen.

With SHBG that high, as @highpull said, once weekly is usually fine. You can do twice if you really want to but doubt you’ll see much difference.

Stop worrying about estradiol. Worry about having sufficient androgens.


@dbossa To be clear right now I inject 4x per week, I should change to once per week?

Well, that depends? Do you feel GREAT on 4x weekly shots? If you do, don’t change a damn thing. If you don’t feel great, you need to change either dose or frequency. Try switching to twice weekly, for example, give it a few weeks, and see if you feel better or worse. If worse, you know you need more frequent. If better, you know you needed less frequent. Simply logic really. After that you can try modifying weekly dose, either going up or down, and determine where you feel best.

I am 22 years old, or for a year for the lack of drive, I can not get excited, poor erection, lack of morning erection, constant fatigue can I get quite a high level of shbg? 43, 40, 38 nmol (18.1-54.4) with testosterone around 7 ng (2.49-8.36) - calculating free testosterone it is 130 pg (or in another unit 0.380-420 nmol) I think this free testosterone is quite low for my age. I think about trt

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Ive seen a couple of doctors classifying them as androgens because of the ability to bind to SHBG Crisler included, but I dont think that is very important how would you classify estrogen. Much more important is to not fuck around with it

Those doctors are idiots. Androgens are named as such because they bind to androgen receptors.

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