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What is the name of this dance song?


No matter how hard I try...
you keep pushing me aside...and I can't break thru
theres no talking to you...
its so sad that your leaving
it takes time to believe it.

anyone know its been bugging me for weeks now?


MC Backpack - Your Mom With Her Legs Spread Open


No son, thats not it.


Uhhh, yeah, that is it.


How about
Cher - do you believe in life after love


Dance music is for Ho's and Mo's which and chuy I'm prett sure you're a guy,and I'm a poet and didn't know it! OOOOHHH!


cher - believe.


what are mo's?


Thanks. Hah, I thought it was a guy singing.


You thought Cher sounded like a guy.


Why didn't you just post the lyrics from the chorus? The song title's in it.


Mo is short for Homo...and, while I know lots of people like Cher, she is the biggest fucking mo draw on the planet.

I'm not commenting on her music...just answering the quesiton what does Mo mean.


wideguy: Liking dance music doesn't make anyone a "mo". The only characteristic that makes a man homo is if they like dick. plain and simple. of course poets should know this first hand right? j/k hahah
y se cabo

diesal: yes, from the 10 sec music clip i had it did.

pauly: I only had a 10 sec clip of the song which had the above lyrics.


I feel like I'm flamming a newbie, but ....

If you ever want to figure out a song, go to Google. Type "lyrics' and then type whatever lyrics you know. You will find the song!