OH YAAAAAAAAA,the one topic I love more than bodybuilding science…VIDEO GAMES!What is “THE MOST HARDCORE TESTOSTERONE VIDEO GAME”,you have ever played,on your "down time"my favorite is “Metal Gear Solid” on playstation. What your taste?

Quake II easily…I’m in college now and we used to play it all the time…when you get about five or six guys playing on a network game where the only goal is to kill each other as many times as possible, it gets kinda fun…it also gets your T levels runnin high!

I have yet to see something more adrenaline pumping than the Quake series, specially when you plug your favorite CD with it - Pantera works fine for me.- Dan C.

Yeah, Metal Gear Solid was really cool, but I like RPG’s. Any Final Fantasy. Can’t get into playing “Guns” online(Quake,et al) cause I suck on a keyboard. Giveme a joypad. Nick out.

I think the best pc game is Team Fortress. But my favorite video game is Final Fantasy 7.

Try Unreal Tournament on your pc. you can play online against others. extremely kick ass.

Syphone (SP?) Filter! That game kicks ass!

How about old school video games? I recently was hooked on playing Tron at a Disney Quest. I really like Q-bert, galaga, and tempest.

The original Quake. Hands down. Shooting guys with nail guns and rocket launchers. That’s pure testosterone fun!

That’s easy, Soldier of Fortune. It’s an awesome game and pretty damn realistic too. Apparently you have to show your ID (restricted to 18) if you live in Canada if you wanna buy it.

I stick with EA Sports NCAA 2001 College Football. When it comes to Testosterone you can’t beat college football.

Diablo 2 has to be the best game. What else gets T levels soaring more than use a big ass axe to chop through a ton of monsters and fighting Satan himself.

Project Overkill!! Definitely low-tech these days, but it’s great to hear the BRRRRAAAP of the machinegun bursts and watch your enemies crumble and “dissolve”! HA HA HA HA HA!!!