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What is the Level Below My Username?


Not sure what the level rating thing is all about. I started at zero and after a couple Biotest orders it rose to level two. Now, out of nowhere, I am level 100. I mean I'm flattered, but what the hell does that even mean?


Biotest will be sending you an Thanksgiving ham this year.


It used to be a 0 to 5 scale and now they switched to a higher scale to reflect differences between customers better.


In to see what my level is


Oh.... Disappointing. Need to order more fish oil. Reminding myself to supplement right now.


Haha! Ct Rockula started that rumor, didn't he?


Sexual prowess .. you're at saiyan level dude



Let's not get carried away. My sexual prowess is over 9,000.


You've been missed, super saiyan.

OP, I was briefly a level 100.
I thought maybe the mods had noticed my bench press. Then when it went back to a Level 3, I assumed they'd seen my squat numbers and demoted me.


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Thanks, PP. :wink:

And LOL at your comment.


You are at least a 5.

Your legs are at least as good as my bullshit.


Unless you see a 8,5 (its complicated) under my avatar I think we can bury that theory.


That's Super Saiyan .. he's just at saiyan


Me, too. But the numbers seem too low.


I'm trying to figure out how everyone is 5 or below then 2 people are at 100. How much damn supps do you guys buy?


A lot


$15,317.88 worth according to their order-tracking thing.

Since 1999, which seems correct to me.

A couple of gaps for deployments, although I will have you know I lugged many a Biotest powder all over Trashghanistan.


Ya, it adds up pretty quick once you've been here for a while. I'm a few bucks away from $8K over about 7 years. That's about a $100 a month, which isn't much at all.