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What is the Latest Word on D-Aspartic Acid?

Yes, i started using DAA in mid January of this year, really out of a sense of frustration over my lack of success healing my left lower bicep tendonitis. I figured a higher level of testosterone would aid in healing.

Since that time I have had various physio treatments that were sort of good, I just never got over the hump to recovery without something reaggravating the injury.

Most products I see have on their labels to take about 3ish grams/day, some also indicate a cycling routine, others not. Some web research I have attempted over the last couple of months is all over the place, with non sales related and more scientific articles saying more study is needed in humans, and it is unknown really if/how safe the stuff is.

I found one article I decided to try the advice from indicating that 5-6grams/day in 2 doses is optimal. towards this, I have actually been taking 4.6gram/day, half first thing before breakfast and the rest before bed.

I was already almost several days into a cycle initially using the 3 grams, and switched it up and quickly noticed good results (I awake with a more howling hard on and I more easily fantasize one mid day). I am on track if I keep this up to continue as is until after this coming Thursday, the 2 week point, and maybe cycle off for several days.

The thing is I feel heady a bit with this new dosage, but instead of just simply going back down to 3.12 grams/day as before until the cycle changes, might I use that dose but break it up into morning and evening as I have been recently to better effect?

Any recent knowledge would be helpful.