What is the hardest diameter log to press?

Which is harder to press - a 250 pound 8", 10" or 12" log? If you could have only one size log, which would it be?

Generally, the larger the diameter log, the harder it is to press for most people. The larger diameter puts the weight more out in front, which takes it away from your centerline, which usually makes it harder.

Everyone is different though. Generally, the larger log is easier to clean for people than the smaller log.

Also–the length of the log makes a difference. A log that is exceptionally longer than standard makes for a harder clean and press for most people.

If you plan on competing, a 12" log would probably be your best bet due to the fact it is the most common size found in contests for men.

Don’t forget too, every log is different. We have one 12" log that is heavy empty and closer to 13"-- very hard compared to our “standard” 12" log.

Different logs also help account for guys claiming to hit XXX pounds in training with their home log, but never hitting that number in a comp with different logs.

Sorry for rambling.

Cliff notes: 12" is harder. Get a 12" to train with.

good luck


Do you guys find wood logs harder to lift than steel logs of comparable weight and diameter???

I wouldn’t disagree with anything Mark said but I bought the 10" econo log from pitbull based strictly on cost. It has worked fine for training and I don’t notice much difference when using a 12" log in competition. I used an 8" log to learn the clean prior to my first competition. That felt nothing like the 12". The pressing position was so different as to feel like a completely different movement.

Get a 10" or 12". If they are built to good standards, I usually find wood logs easier because it “grips” better against your body and won’t want to slide like a steel log. But there isn’t a big difference, and some wooden logs are mishapen/deformed which can make them harder.

i have long arms and find that a large diameter log is easier to press since it forces you to lean back a bit more and its almost an incline press

Thank you for the info. I bought the 12 inch x 7 foot log from Pitbull for pressing at home. It feels a LOT more difficult than the 8’s and 10’s that I have used in comps.