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What is the Final Consensus on Milk?


The latest article says a gallon of whole milk a day works wonders when it comes to bulking. However, due to literature on the estrogenic nature of milk I have avoided milk for the last few months. Even without milk I have managed to put on 20 pounds of muscle in the last 5 months. I do miss milk as a staple of my diet however. What is the final word on milk for bulking? Is it really estrogenic or is that just bullshit? What is the real answer to this puzzle??


If it doesn't cause stomach cramps or get you unusually bloated i say go for it. Milk is good stuff.


What makes you think the answer(s) you get here will be 'final'?


Have you ever seen a male farmer with saggy tits? Drink the milk.


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i think its a great tool for skinny beginners to kick-start their mass gain, but fat beginners shouldnt use it (as i wish i had known)


It's good stuff!


i know about the obvious pluses of drinking milk (protein content and igf concentrations), but what about milk and testosterone? that is really all i am concerned about right now




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For most people, drinking a gallon of milk per day is excessive and simply overkill. Not good at all for body composition. There are much more effective ways to add muscle and still look presentable.

The top 5% of skinny people should try this, 95% of people do not need GOMAD to build muscle efficiently


Two options here, Matty. Ask the forum for the answer, and you'll get "Yes absolutely" and "No not at all."


Try it yourself. Start with a glass, see how you feel. After a few days (a week maybe?), bump it up. As long as you feel good and you're making progress, go with it and keep bumping it up weekly. If you start seeing negative effects, stop.




I drank a gallon of whole chocolate milk everyday, after workouts, for 3 months, gained 35 pounds. It will make you bulk up and get stronger, granted that you lift hard. Don't expect to have a six pack at the end of it. I am tolerant to milk, some people will crap their brains out if they consume dairy like i do, milk is not for everybody.