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What is the End Goal?

Don't worry guys, this in not another "Why did you start taking steriods" thread. I'm curious to know what your ultimate physique looks like. Have you always wanted to look a certain way? ex. big and muscular or lanky and ripped, or somewhere in between? How has your self image changed with your gains? What do want to look like at 40,50,60 and beyond?

I'll start: Ever since I was little, I remember wanting to be big and strong. As I've progressed, my goals have become more specific, and realistic. I want to be big and ripped. I've been ripped before, but what's the point if you're skinny? I'm sure most guys here would say I look pretty lanky at 6'3 210, but I've come along way from a "ripped" 175 haha.

It's taken me a while to wrap my brain around the fact that in this game, one must give a little (fat gain) to gain a lot (lean muscle gain). About to start my first cycle, I've been pondering just how big I want to become. Right now, 220# and ripped sounds good to me. To achieve this, I imagine I'm going to need to get up to 240 or 250 first, and eventually "slim" down to that weight.

I guess I know I'm about to "journey down the rabbit whole" of AAS use, and I want to hear from some of the vet's on here as to how that journey is going. Have any of you reached your physical goals? If so, are you satisfied? Acheiving my goals has always led me to set higher ones, so I imagine AAS use and physique enhancement is no different, though there must be a ceiling to how high dosages can go/be tolerated.

Thanks you for reading.


Do some research. Steroids work very well.You shouldn't doubt it. Don't be scared. If you choose the right dose and gear you will achieve results you are looking for....Duh



Thanks for the bump, Game changer. I didn't mean to come off as ULTRA nubish, but maybe I did.I certainly don't doubt that steriods work very well, and I'm excited to start my first cycle.
I'm not looking for anyone to spoonfeed me information that I can find for myself. I'm asking anynomous "personal" questions to the vet's on this board that have embraced their desire to use AAS. I'm not judging anyone, infact I admire and appreciate more than a few of the guys on here.


its an ongoing process, kind of like building a custom car.
once you try aas and you see the results and hear of others some never are satisfied with how they look and they always tinker with things just to see how far they can go.

I mean you will always find room for improvement
and yes there is always a ceiling,and start off slow and easy and soon enough you will find yours as well.