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What is the DUMBEST diet you've been on?

I’ve been through some pretty stupid diets in my life, especially during wrestling season in high school.

My all time stupidest diet - did four weeks on the bannana diet - one bunch of bannanas per day, plus mult-vitamin and fiber. That was it.

I wish I’d known about T-mag…

My eat everyting diet. Including Mcdonald’s, Wendy’s almost every day for lunch, lots of pizza, and basically stuff that should be eaten very rarely.

I bet what was worse about that than the diet itself was all the damn monkey jokes you would get.

Hey Z-man, we have the same diet!

Since you know my old friend Jim, I think you can imagine what my old diet was.

Hint: We lived behind “Escape from New York Pizza”, and Jim was working at the Weinhards brewery.

I got up to 180lbs that summer.

The seafood diet… or should I write “Seefood”.

Every time I see food I eat it…
I just couldn’t resist.

The Recycle Diet:

Eat your own feces and urine for 3 weeks.

Okay, just jokin’. But I bet it would sell if Tony Little graced it with a coked-out infomercial.


well probably my pre highschool dayes when i ate whatever i wanted and was a chubster but since trainnig, my first diet was stupid… 70%carbs 20%protein 10%fat


I followed the same eating plan that Zman found so effective for adding mass.

Now instead of self medicating with a Pizza, I move some Iron. Less filling and I taste great, I mean look great.

a Baked potato and tuna diet. That’s a can of tuna 4 times a day and a baked potato for lunch, no butter or salt just the spud.

yup i would have to say I am with “solo’s girl on this one”
seefood diet. That diet wasnt very good. But man it was tasty.

I’m off the burger/fries/pizza diet, and damn I feel good!

seefood diet and slim fast diet. Yuck!

I’m off to Wendy’s

For me it had to be the first two years of college.
Two Meals a day, both were huge and filling and lasted for 10 hours. I had no clue on what I was doing. I even bought some protein powder to use for my drink during the meal, my thought process during that time was perhaps a little off. Sometimes after workouts I would sit around or nap for hours cuz I was just not hungry, then I’d eat everything in the cafeteria. YUM!

Da Boxer

I remember about 1 1/2 years ago, at the height of my college fat years, I finally freaked out and started losing weight - on the slim fast can diet, twice a day, plus a small dinner, and plenty of hydroxycut to keep me buzzing. I lost about 40 pounds and looked like shit.

BFL Diet. A great way to lose LBM fast!

Phatman, that sounds awful, simply awful.

Never did it but how about that Cabbage diet from a few years back?

Talk about having a gaseous bottom…