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What is the Difference in These Tests?

I was curious what is the difference between two different Testosterone tests
I had done by two different doctors. Back in August I had a T lab done and it was called
TESTOSTERONE, FREE AND TOTAL and it had sub values. One value was TESTOSTERONE, ULTRASENSITIVE, LC MS/MS that was 308 with a standard range listed as 250 - 1100 ng/dl.

Then just a few days ago my new doctor ran another lab for me and this test was called TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL. This test only had one value of 293 with a standard range of greater than 200. If the Testosterone, Total test I did a few days ago different than the sub value TESTOSTERONE, ULTRASENSITIVE?

Does this mean my total T has dropped from 308 down to 293 or am I not comparing apples to apples?

308 to 293 is within the normal variance of day to day blood tests. Different labs use different ranges and testing methodologies to establish their values and ranges.

With the first test, there was probably a percentage listed along with the number. It’s actually 2 tests (%Free, and Total). At least that’s how mine are (Labcorp). Looks like the second test was just a total T. A difference of a few points isn’t a big deal, as mentioned.