What is the deal with saturated fats??

Berardi states that you should limit your saturated fat intake to 30% of your (total) fat intake, but recently I have been reading a lot of articles at mercola.com regarding that you should “strictly limit” your intake of polyunsaturated fats. And gorge yourself on butter and coconut fat! Im so confused right now, could someone give me the pro´s and con´s of substituting saturated fat for polyunsaturaed?

It may have something to do with keeping the cell membranes permable and maintaining insulin sensitivity. The arterioral plaque they find in people is polyunsaturated. I’d be interested to know how much is made from saturated and how much comes directly from the Omega-6s. Anyway, you’ve asked a good question for Berardi’s column that I think he would like to answer. You should maybe ask him directly at his website. Brian

Polyunsaturated is good better than saturated, generally, but you want the majority of your fats to be monounsaturated. People with high polyunsat fat levels have a higher incidence of cancer, when all else is controlled.

By the way. Keep in mind that you die, and it’ll probably be cancer, anyhow.

Polyunsaturated fats ARE NOT better than saturated ones. omega 3s are generally healthier than saturates but frankly 6s are bad for you… this was first brought to my attention through supertraining earlier this year.