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What is the Deal with Emergen-C

You know, its like alka seltzer and a B/C vitamin all mixed in one.

Is it placebo effect that after a night of drinking I feel amazing for 3 minutes upon drinking this stuff no matter how hungover I am?

Should I mix it with Power Drive?

Any experiences/thoughts/flames?

i used to bang this one girl that was a straight up vitamin c whore.

she LOVED the shit. loved anything with vitamin c in it.

i thought it tasted terrible

that’s really all i got.

man this sure hasnt sparked discussion the way I thought it would.

Mac - you should have bought a few packs of Fun Dip (in orange flavor, naturally) and given her the Sugar Stick.

I took Emergen-C in the AM every morning for a while and loved it. But it just became a bit expensive for year round use. Not be for the cold months though. ALthough snagging a bottle of Vit C chewables is cheaper.

fuggin economy

It’s good stuff. When I start getting rundown or don’t feel well, I’ll take around 4 packets a day along with echinacea and it keeps me from getting sick.

I’d do a quick run down of the ingredients and compare them to a cheaper multivitamin before you start dropping cash.