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What is the Current "Best Recommendation" for Using Mag-10?

Assume I can take whatever dose and frequency of Mag-10 as I want to, what is the current recommendation? I’ve read that 3 scoops (30 protein grams) is really not better than 2 (20 grams) or that you might have to wait longer between doses. I’ve read 30 grams every 4 hours or 20 grams every 3 hours? This would be for a pulse-fast period. How do people use it with full food meals most days? Mag-10 first, then a full meal?

Also what is the peri workout recommendation? If I am training in the AM, say 9:00, and do a Mag-10 pulse at 8:00, then Plasma during training, do I still add another Mag-10 an hour or less after training or am I supposed to wait longer so that blood AA levels return to baseline?

Best recommendation for a) weight loss with muscle maintenance; b) maintain weight but slowly improve body comp; c) packing on muscle fast?

These questions are more appropriate for the Biotest Supplement Advice forum. It’d be best to repost it there because it’s a lot to dig in to.

Long story short, the “best recommendation” is still on the label: 1 serving/2 scoops on an empty stomach, between meals and/or after training. Other uses, like the pulse fast, having it with meals, or using 3 scoops at a time, is still trial and error and not necessarily “best”.