What is the Current Best Dosing Protocol for Pulse Fast and Pulse Feast?

I’ve read that extra large pulses (over 30 grams) and more frequent (more than every 4 hours) are counter-productive. What is the current best recommendation of pulsing dose and frequency? no more than 30 grams at least 4 hours apart? (so maybe 3 pulses including peri-workout on pulse feast days and 4 on pulse fast days?) Is a smaller, 20 gram pulse every 3 hours better than a larger 30 gram pulse every 4 hours?

Also, If I do a double dose of plasma, peri-workout, and then add 2-3 scoops of Mag-10 an hour after training, isn’t that going to be coming when AA levels are still high from the peri-workout plasma?

Also, I was wondering, would spiking insulin 90-120 minutes AFTER a pulse help to clear blood AA levels faster? (Either with fast carb sources or for those who may inject insulin).