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What is the Cause of This Hump on My Back?


so i have this sort of hump on my back...and ive been searching all over the internet and cushing's sydrome is being given as a symptom...the thing is that i do not really feel like i have this condition....if not what could be the cause for this?? could it be because of squats???


I dont have an answer for you back problem as such, but I have seen somthing like that befor, from a bloke who lives in my road, it look exactly like what you got, but I have never asked him what it is, but I do know that hes dosnt have cushings syndrome. Obviously this dont help you bout hopfully put ur mind a bit at rest. Also do you feel like you cushing sydrom i.e, insomnia, easy weight gain, low test ect.

Have you been to the doc yet about it?


you mean he has like this and you know he doesnt have cushing's syndrome??

well i even though i am average bodyfat i dont gain weight easily.....i sometimes have trouble sleeping because i suffer from ocd as in my mind doesnt shut down....and my test level is basically mid range.... :confused:


I have the same hump that you have, in the exact spot. I noticed it in 2000. It was evaluated in 2001 and the doctor told me it was a fatty mass, benign situation. I don't mean to scare you but the doc asked me if I have HIV, because he sees this in some asymptomatic HIV patients. So I had to take an HIV test to rule out AIDS and it was negative. So the doc concluded that it was a fatty mass benign situation for me. It has not changed in size since. It does not bother me at all. You should have it evaluated.