What is the Bro Split Training Division?

My man - I appreciate your honesty here, but

Your questions here illustrate a very limited knowledge base.

Also, do yourself a favor and hit that little magnifying glass in the top corner of your screen for the search function, and search for ‘deca dick’. People literally lose their dicks on that shit, and talk about not even being interested in sex anymore. For years.

You should scrap this steroid cycle immediately. No test, no deca, no dbol.

You would be better served by going to the training log subforum, starting a training log, tagging some people, choosing a proper bro split

and recording your workouts and diet for several years.

Whoever suggested to you that you take a cycle of anything at this point is severely misguided, and if it was your idea, you’re just wrong. Whether or not that stops you is up to you, I suppose, but I’m telling you, save your manhood, save your endocrine system, and save your money. This is a bad idea.