Next time you're in the bookstore pick up a couple of Arnold's books beside the encyclopedia.  In one of his books he outlined a basic diet that he used containing 2 glasses of milk per meal, for 3 meals, not including any shakes.  That's a lot of milk for a baby.

boss hog:
arnie often contradicted himself to confuse his opponents and keep a high profile via controversy.
he is a master at manipulating an audience.

Dang it Pdog, I just have to assume all t-vixens swallow or it’ll drive me crazy not knowing who you are refering to.

1 gram of niacin… for blood lipids. I like the flush, too.

I know some people who take 2 grams daily… I don’t know if that’s bad for the liver though…

Niacin is not bad for the liver. It is nicaimide or however you spell it that can be bad for the liver over time.

JT, Niacin is converted into niacinamide naturally in the body.

what the no-flush niacin is, the one bound to something, thats the one that is bad for the liver. Its been awhile since I have been in a vitamin store. sorry for wrong info

One of my favorite things to do is have breakfast while on a bulking cycle that includes EQ. Next time I’ll have to track calories exactly, but here’s the general idea.

6 servings of real oatmeal mixed with a yogurt and a banana
Protein shake + Creatine/sugar shake, maybe a couple pieces of string cheese.

By the time I walk out of the house I’ve got 1000 calories down.

After working out I’m hungry again, so I eat some more fruit, yogurt, cheese, maybe a couple sandwiches. This is right after working out, (7:00 am) so I still consider it breakfast. That gets me through to about 10:00 when I have another snack to tide me over until lunch.

Holy shit, don’t you get fat???

Not really, never lose the abs completely. I have a high metabolism and am really active.

The true breakfast of champs is a picture of P Dogs body with Erickas face pasted. Now if that don’t fill you up I don’t know what will. Just had to, sorry.

6 whole raw eggs
couple of donuts
1 apple
1 serving of yogurt
1 animal pack multivitamin
1 tab of milk thistle
lots of water