This is a survey, I’m just wondering what you guys eat first thing in the morning, including supplements. Especially the big boys, how much do you eat???

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. Whether it is or not, I know that without it I feel like sh*t! For breakfast this morning, I had:

-one 25mg dbol tab
-one 10mg nolvadex
-2 cups rolled oats
-one small apple
-one small pear
-3 servings Prolab advanced whey (60gm protein)
-one liter water
-one gram vitamin C
-1 gram niacin
-3 caps St. John’s Wort
-4 caps gingko
-4 tabs PVL cutter thermogenic with ALA

COME ON, GUYS, I know you all had breakfast this morning, take 30seconds to let us know what!

one tablespoon flax, carton of egg whites 2 cups oatmeal, 1/2 scoop whey mixed in oatmeal.
10mg dbol, 25mcg t3, one tab of milk thistle.


10mg D-bol
0.5mg Liquidex EOD
225g cottage cheese
150g (1 cup) Oatmeal
1 Banana
50g Whey Protein (35g Protein)
1 large expresso

but then i am a little guy

3 whole eggs
1 cup old fashioned oatmeal
16oz 2% milk
50mg clomid
2 capsules tribex
1 serving methoxy

2.5 hours later vanilla shake and 1 banana and i just ate a steak for lunch!!!

ps. breakfast isnt the most important meal of the day. your post workout meal is.

I had

75 mg tren
50 mg winstrol
75 mg eq
6 egg whites + 3 whole eggs, bowl of regular oatmeal cooked, half can sliced pineapple, 1 serving vp2 protein + 2 tsp glutamine, 2 mega mens, 1 capsule flax oil, plus a no2 with courtesy flush.

2 cups oatmeal
4 whole eggs
1 apple
16oz OJ w/1 scoop AlltheWhey protein
16oz milk w/2 scoops Optimum protein
1tbsp flax oil
1000mg VitC
2 slices leftover pizza from last night

Arnold claimed the Breakfast of Champions was Dianabol tablets.

9 Egg Whites
3 Whole Eggs
16oz. of orange juice
4 strips of Turkey Bacon
1 cup Oatmeal (measured dry)

400IU vitamin E
50mg Anadrol (1 tab)
1 capsule milk thistle
1 capsule saw palmetto

egg mcmuffin

im amazed that no one has mentioned poon-tang!

well now that you mention it p dog i had a fur burger no onions and no mayo.along with some deer sausage.


im a little disturbed about the deer sausage.

PDog, that was for dessert.

All I’d need to live happily is a naked woman with a cherry pie… I could eat that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! (and post-workout, of course).

shit… on the weekend, i’ll have a beer for breakfast… along with an egg mcmuffin.

‘milk is for babies’ -arnold


Peanut butter sandwich with a diet coke for first breakfast.

Then, fruit about 10:00 AM.

Eggs maybe twice a week. With a diet coke, of course.

can morning wood count as breakfast?

Only if you swallow, Pdog.

i know someone on this board that swallows. but im not gonna mention any names…