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What is the Best Workout for Training 3 Days a Week?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
In your opinion, what is better for my 3 days workout? Same bro split, push pull legs, or to have same A and B training and make it ABA and BAB per week (push-pull is that i think). My goals are streght and hypertrophy. Also i have about 4.5 years of experience in gym, but as always I want same better.
If is here same good article i would be happy if you sent me link.
Thank you a lot!

How are you going to make a bro split fit into 3 days a week?

We’d at least have to see your plans for each of those three splits

What are your training goals?


Super Squats

5/3/1 Building the Monolith (3 days of lifting)

Wanna know the secret about training 3 days a week? It SUCKS. You have to work SUPER hard on those 3 days.


“Better” isn’t really a thing because there are a bunch of variables involved. Wendler’s 5/3/1 isn’t better than 5x5, it’s different.

What progress have you seen since you started? Weight gain, strength PRs, etc.?

Tons of articles explain how to make three days a week work great. These took about 12 seconds to find:


Maybe off-topic, but has “bro split” come to pretty much mean one or two bodyparts a day? I thought it simply referred to directly training each muscle, as opposed to working movement patterns.

So, I thought chest/shoulders/tris, back/bis, quads/hams/calves would be a bro split. It’s also, not coincidentally, exactly the same as push, pull, legs.


That’s always been my understanding, but I could easily be wrong. I figure a 3 day a week bro split is inevitably going to end up looking like push/pull/legs with a different name.

Edit: or exactly what you said. I’ll see myself out.


Lots of good article links above which you could have found with a search in 10 secs. Just pick something you like and work hard. Don’t wish to sound like a dick (which means I will). If you have been training over 4 years and you couldn’t figure out a 3 day plan or find a 3 good day plan I have to question what have you been doing for the last 4 years? Maybe your question was lost in translation and you wanted to know me something more specific ??

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This is probably just my interpretation, because there’s obviously no concrete explanation of ‘bro-anything’, but I honestly considered anything under 4 days a week to not be a bro split.
Upper/Lower - 2-4 days.
Full Body - 2-3 days
PPL - 3-6 days
Bro Splits - 4-6 days

Now, in my world, you COULD have a bro split that was a PPL, but it would be set up something like chest/shoulders/tris, back/bis, quads/hams/calves, and then another bis/tris day, or something like that. The frequency of the workouts do contribute to my definition of a bro split. My most classic ‘bro split’ picture that I have is a 5-day split, monday-friday, chest/back/legs/shoulders/arms.

This is all super silly and based off of nothing more than my own thoughts about the subject, by the way. It’s more that when I imagine someone training 3 days a week, I could see bros all over being outraged, like ‘bro ya missin some serious gainz bro’.

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Sorry fellas but itt ain’t a bro-split without a dedicated arm day (and one leg day, none of this quads day / hams day garbage).

The ideal bro-split is 5 days on paper and 3 actual training days (you don’t actually do leg and back days)


Don’t have anything to add to the discourse myself but these two articles breaks down various approaches which might have some benefit to the OP

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