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What is the Best Time of Day for BCAAs?

when is the best time to use bcaas? First thing when waking up, before or after a workout, before going to sleep, or some other time of day? Thanks

Based on what you know about BCAAs, when do you think is the best time?

Never o’clock

There seems to be evidence of BCAA’s being fundamentally useless (if not possibly detrimental?), and a waste of money.


mid workout

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Never. They are trash.

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During each meal, from food sources


BCAA’s are good to take around a meal containing complete protein sources to spike the leucine content. Whey and Casien derivatives are particularly effective because they contain all amino acids, but are particularly high in leucine. Same for milk protein.

Some have suggested taking BCAAs right before a complete protein meal to boost the leucine level, but I think it may be better to add them at the end, or 15-30 minutes after so that the body can absorb the full array of amino acids from the meal, and then get a spike of leucine to turn on protein synthesis.

Biotest BCAA structured peptides (20 grams) contains 20 grams of eaa’s, 10 of which is BCAA’s and 5 of which is leucine which is the ideal amount to turn up protein synthesis. EAA’s are are a little more important than total AA’s since the body can make other AA’s from EAA’s.

A problem with taking BCAA’s mid workout is that they tend to spike insulin and that can lower blood sugar if you aren’t taking in carbs. I view HIGH LEUCINE BCAA supplements as a way for raising the leucine content of meals, either during or shortly after.

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Leucine is a BCAA, so I would qualify your statement. It is hard to get 5 grams of leucine from a whole food meal. Whey is about 10% Leucine so 50 grams will get you there.

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Then buy Leucine. Even then it is not going to make or break you physique.

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It’s better to have high leucine do- and tripeptides.

For “intermediates”, Meadows recommends gatorade & EAAs during training (start at 1:50) Not sure if this video will be allowed due to some product recommendations, but…