What is the Best Tanning oil?

In january I’m planning to go to Miami with a group of friend (With many girls). I WANT LOOK LEARN !! I’m doing a Fat fast diet since 4 day and I want go in a sunbed to be tanned. U know ? Presently I can’t go in a sunbed because I take minocycline(I don’t know the right word in english) for my little acne on the back(this product increase the sensibility to UV) . The prescription finish the 30november. I have only a month to be learn and tanned. I don’t want a fake tanning.
Is anyone know a good oil or lotion who help to be tanned more rapidly on UV ?
(I’ve blond hair and bleue eye, my skin is really pale)And do you know how much session I will need to look good ?

thank for all the help !