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What is the best Steroid to use?


I am looking into getting on a steroid for an 8 week cycle followed by clomid. Im looking to bulk up and get stronger. I was just wondering what one steroid alone is the best to take without stacking it. They say DECA Durabolin is the most commonly used. What do u suggest?


Translation: "Hi. I'm stoooopid and have done zero research in spite of this very website containing dozens of articles and posts designed just for me and answering my very same question. Someone please attack me so I can become defensive and misspell even more three letter words."


lol davo. that might have been a little harsh. ok bro, i'll make this short and sweet. no one steroid is the "magic bullet" that will satisfy all of your fantasies. we stack multiple chemicals because that is the proper way of juicing and fastest way to reach our goals. if i absolutely had to choose just one for some unknown reason, i would have to go with some form of test. probably sust. but, i really think you should drop back and punt here. you are many months of learning away from proper techniques. dont be in a rush. the juice will be there when your ready. that is if the meatheads on this board dont use it all by then.


Thanks for the translation Davo lol


see the thread steroid newbie... and if you don't listen to us about your newcomer status... just don't use deca. If you don't listen to me about not using deca... at least add test to it. If you don't listen to me about adding test, enjoy your limp dick.


I meant to type the same thing as drago1, but then I had a episode of roid rage and freaked out.

Wait, I don't take roids. Hey, I know more than the original poster/teenager and I don't even use! That's sad.

Kid, if you're at least 18, stick to MAG-10 for now. You're on a path to fuck yourself real good with your current level of knowledge.

See, I can be nice.


youve got to love it when the non juicers come out of the woodwork to flame someone!




Don't listen to Squatty, Deca is the best shit out there. Make sure you take lots of it ALONE, I hear it helps with the joints, not the ones you roll either.

OK now that I got it out of my system. What Drago said.


I have done research, but not on what other people have experienced. I say one steroid alone because I have a tight budget and don't think I can afford stacking.

Mag-10 is the strongest stuff I've taken and I would like to get greater results.

F*ck yeah i"m a newbie, just help a guy out that cares about his physique. Better than the rest of the world, that is getting fat and lazy. I have respect for every individual that tries hard.

I've talked to a friend that was on roids and he said that he wouldn't recommend it and says to stick to Cell Tech and protein.



Don't listen to RU12NVME. Someone told him that when he was a young man and he followed their advice.

Largely thanks to Deca he has been working through some serious issues and still to this day has a difficult time preforming sexually with anyone but his favorite stuffed animal, Kiko the gorilla.


Deca is the only product that I crash from even if I take the post cycle Clomid as instructed. I like the T mixes Prop, Cyp etc. If I were to only choose one I'd pick Test of some form.


Here's the thing trogan, if you'd done the research like you said you would know how dumb your question is. Deca by itself? That screams either "I'm stupid" or "I'm uneducated". Have you read all the t-mag articles yet? There are a dozen that explain this stuff, including info on which is best to take alone, although that's still not recommended. You are not ready. The comment about cell-tech seals it. You are NOT READY! I know ten times as much as you, I've read all the articles and I'M NOT READY. You sound about 16 too.


I would probably choose EQ alone. Do some searches on this forum on people's past exp. with EQ alone. I'd say it has the same properties as deca in terms of strength gains/joint lubrication. However, it also promotes vascularity and more of a sinewy dense look. Furthermore, it promotes wicked hunger that can potentially make it very useful for bulking if a surplus of cals is present. Finally there is no such thing as EQ dick, in other words you should be able to ram the pine just fine all the time. BTW before you do anything check out the articles squatty mentioned and let us all know what your final decision is so we can help you out. Don't mind all the shit talking either it just comes with the territory.


the best would be synthol,it makes you huge fast .the best place to inject it would be just behind the head of your johnson.make that will make you huge!!just dont forget to aspirate.lol im sorry i couldnt help it.


I hope this is a joke, otherwise Mr Trojan you have no business trying any AAS.


The one that best fits your goals.


Largely thanks to Deca he has been working through some serious issues and still to this day has a difficult time preforming sexually with anyone but his favorite stuffed animal, Kiko the gorilla.

I have issues allright, November and Decembers, January's has not arrived yet so I am still waiting but that is beside the point. IF (and I mean big if here because if I was using Deca I would not be humping shit) If I was humping that gorillia it would never leave me for P Dog that is for sure. That is how damn good I am. Let me tell you something. When RU12NVME fuck something they never go back. GOT IT.

Don't use Deca. Study.


Bro if you cared about your physique seems like you'd do more research before posting such a question.
I think this thread is in for a long haul...


By far testosterone. It seems to be the foundation of most cyles and is perhaps the most used injectable. Tren would defenitely come a very close second. These are my two favorites.