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What is the Best Split for CNS Recovery for a 2B?

Hey Coach Thibs,

Congratulations on the beautiful new baby girl

Wanted to ask you Coach what is the best split for CNS recovery for a 2B who I under stress and have roughly bad sleeping patterns is it a

Body part split 4 days a week

Upper/lower/upper Rep when I do that split on non consecutive days with a moderate to low volume it turns out to be the best

But any clarification from your side would be great since I always see that I don’t have the will power to do two consecutive days of training I feel way better on non consecutive I think it’s Cortisol & Adrenaline related

If I have Taurine when is the best time to take it pre/intra/post workout

Thanks Coach

Pre-workout (up to 5g)

Hope your doing great thanks for the feedback and should it be cycled or if it’s okay to keep at it to a while i can also take it pre like 1g and post 1g