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What is the best source of carbs?

I am sure this has been hit on quite a bit now, but I really like fruit, and it’s really easy to get the high amount of carbs needed to build muscle, but is this really an okay source of carbs? Or should I be sticking to the cream of wheat, patatos, and rice? Any suggestions? Thanks!

Fruit is fine so long as it is not post-workout. It’s pretty hard to get enough carbs through mainly fruit though (unless it is juice). Say you decide to take in 600 grams of carbs a day. You would have to eat about 9 pounds of apples or 10 pounds of oranges in order to get that much. It’s just a little easier getting in the calories with pasta and things of that sort.

Barley is a good source of carbs. It’s high in fiber too, so you may be pooping a lot.

try carbo hit, it’s pure complex carbs in a jug and it’s real easy to keep count. It mixes easily too.

Yeah, I beleive the original flavor cream of wheat is a good source of carbs.