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What is the best mass program?

I took at a look at “Massive Eating”. I’m just checking to make sure there is nothing better. Right now I am at 174lbs with about 9% bodyfat. My goal is 215lbs before cutting phase.

The real question is, what is the best mass program for you, and that you won’t know until you try a few. However, Massive Eating is very good, especially if you want to keep fat gain in check. Also see “The Get Big Diet” at T-mag, and the “Skinny Bastard Diet”. FAQ will list some more. What type of training will you do?

provide more stimulus in a set amount of workout time and have the nutrition to capitalize on the hypertrophic environment that is created by the load. Sould difficult? It really isn’t. There have been no real secrets on the training side of it. Read EDT stuff from Charles Staley and then read the article section if hypertrophy specific training on their website. Formulate a routine cycling those two types of efforts and you will grow to your genentic potential. Muscles don’t have eyes, they can’t see what exercise you are doing to put tension on them. They will tell you when they are pissed off and will whine “How come HE doesn’t have to work as hard and and often as I do!” referring to their functional agaonist.

Well, this is my 2 cents: people have a tendency to underestimate their bf. If its possible you may have done this, cut for maybe 6 more weeks, its not that long. Even if you are nine, after the six weeks you can be down to maybe 6 or 7%. Then bulk untill you get back up to nine and cut again. For a normal guy (I’m assuming your normal), staying around 10 or below year round whether bulking or cutting is where almost everyone wants to be. On the other hand, going up to maybe 15% can make you feel really bloated when your used to 10.