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What is the best HAMSTRING exercise?


What is the best mass exercise for the hams?


Squats or any variation of the squat, deadlifts or any variation of deadlifts, good mornings

Go to T-mag. Find search engine there (not the one here.) Type “hamstrings” in. Read.

I’m gonna have to go Box Squat’s wih a wide stance, Glute Ham raises in a close second.

Inverted isoisolation, static hyper contraction, supinely upright knee abductors performed in a power rack.

Can not be beat for ham mass. Croooz

The hamstrings are activated both in knee flexion and hip extension, so I think it’s best to work them in both capacities. Good mornings or RDL’s, and natural GHR’s on the floor.

Deadlifts, Stiff-Legged Deadlifts, Glute-Ham Raises, Reverse Hypers, Leg Curls, Lunges and Deep Squats.

short distance sprinting (under 100 meters)

Reverse hyper if u have acces to it but besides that hams to calves squats is mmy opinion.


Try good mornings and stiff leg deadlifts. I’ve just started glute hams and they’re a bitch to learn but the above two should be fairly straight forward and there are plenty of descriptions on t-mag for you