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What is the BEST Abdominal exercise?

I think i need to change my ab routine. Something new. I was wondering what ab exercises have given you the most results? Upper abs are probably the easiest to train, so i need something that works all of the abdomen, maybe getting somebody else and throwing a medicine ball to each other? Or are normal situps and crunches all that is required to stimulate the abs? I am really happy about how my abs look but need an exercise where i will feel pain in the abdomen when i wake up. I dont get that anymore.

Read the ‘evolution of ab training’ article at t-mag if you haven’t already.

We went through all this last week Slaine. The 4 best, not necessarily in any order are (1) Janda situps, (2) Ab Roller both of which target the abs exclusively, (3) Deadlifts when done correctly and lastly chin-ups when done correctly. Try these and severe pain is guaranteed.JR.

Thanks TEK i have just located the article and will be reading it.

I cant remember if we went over it last week, but if we did, sorry. But anyway i think i got what i am after. Thanks.

John Reynolds, I must have missed that article. Are you referrign to the Ab Roller that was advertised on TV?

Leg lifts burn my lower abs. And they work the lower back to some degree also.

if any of you guys get the paper mag, Paul chek has a short article at the end including 3 of the best, real world ab exercises- non isolation movements-. You use the pulleys to do them

I used to do leg lifts on a swiss ball keepping my legs straight until fatigued and then bent my knees. I couldnt laugh or sneeze for a week after i did that exercise.

When my girlfriend is on top, I do some crunches and slap her ass! Thats the best ab exercise.

Oh yeah diet helps to!