What is the Benefit of FSL Supplemental Work?

Legit question. I remember jims orig program with no FSL work but then at somepoint in jims 2nd edition FLS was born.

Im just wondering as a begginer what will I benefit from doing FSL opposed to just doing 531? Can the light FSL work actually lead to additional strength gains? And what about size? Can FSL induce extra hypertrophy? Thanks guys, just trying to understand.

It’s just back off sets man. Getting extra work in on the lifts without killing yourself with more heavy sets. “Greasing the groove” so to speak. People have been doing them since weight training was even a thing because it works


Depends how you use it, but the main point is quality volume which offers hypertrophy and/or form work and it does take much to recover from.

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Many 531 critics say its not enough volume. FSL tries to solve that. The new book has a lot of other options too.

FSL isn’t the only supplemental programming you can do with 5/3/1.

There is SSL, BBS, BBB, and others that I can’t even remember. Supplemental work is applied to what your specific goals are. That’s what the strength of 5/3/1 is, strong core principles paired with the flexibility to apply to almost any situation.

The question isn’t what the benefit of FSL is, it’s what are you goals and what/if supplemental work is required or necessary for you to achieve those goals.

The new book is an excellent resource for this. It helps you to tailor your programming to suite your specific situation and needs.

The benefits and the different ways to use First Set Last (FSL) is discussed extensively in the Forever book.