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What is the Average Time Off Between Cycles?

I know it varies from person to person, and how long each person takes to get back to baseline will differ even more but I’d like to get an idea how long some of you take off before hopping on to your second run.

Looking for people that aren’t doing TRT

The convention is: time off = cycle + PCT length. So if you run a 12 week cycle with 4 weeks of PCT, that’s 16 weeks; you should take 16 weeks off.

I"ve heard that but seen some prominent people like Greg Doucette say that is bullshit ( think it was him) and some other bodybuilders and trainers.

Some others contend that it is ok to start a new cycle when you’re back to baseline.

That seems pointless to me to just barely recover so that you can screw with your endocrine system again right away; why even bother coming off? Seems like you’d want your body to settle back into it’s natural groove for a while.

You are going to get a lot of different answers as there is no one size fits all. There are no studies on these topics as you are asking about timing of recreational drug use. It also depends if you are trying to recover your baseline test levels or if you are on TRT. Some advocate that when your blood levels are good, you are good to go back to a cycle. Others will suggest what Veteq did which is based on a lot of user experience time on = time off. Only you can decide.

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In my opinion it depends on what compounds you were using, what your goals are, and how easily and well you recover.

The time on time off thing is bro science IMO. It is based on how long it generally takes people to successfully pct and recover but it doesn’t take into consideration what compounds and doses you were using.

Some guys run 1 cycle a year other 3-4 and are completely fine. You need to do what you feel is best for you and fits your goals. Personally I think if your going to run more then a couple cycles you should look into blast and cruise.

As for trt/blast and cruise I see no issues with people who do as they wish as long as they montior bloods and other health issues. Some people perma blast I personally can’t do this because I need a break mentally in between cycles.

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This hits the nail right on the head.
Do you want babies in your future? Stop turning you nuts off more than twice a year.

what if I take recreational drugs just so I can bust without worrying? ever think of that? no, I’m just kidding but that is a good topic for my next thread.

Yeah, I don’t think I’d ever run a cycle more than twice in one year. I haven’t even ran my first yet.