What is the activity for HIIT

I am running intervals 2 days a week and lifting 3-4 and my knees are killing me. I need to lose a bunch of fat and am working to get my diet in tune, but when knees are killing when I am sitting down it makes it very hard to get motivated.

I’m assuming that you’re asking for alternatives to running HIIT? If so you can swim, jump rope, use cardio machines e.g. treadmills, efx machines, row machines etc.

Sorry for the unclear question. It should read: What is the best alternative to running for HIIT?

Swim, bike, elliptical or stair stepper. Anything that is lower impact that running. Samething happens to me on the treadmill; sometime knees, sometimes shins. I try to mix the cardio machines around.

What surface are you running on? Also are your running shoes worn out? and finally are you getting plenty fish oils/flax oil? i had pretty bad knee pain from running last year. once i sorted out my intake of EFAs and started to supplement with MSM, chondroitin and glucosamine the knee pain went away and has yet to return.

are you using resistance training for legs like squats, deads, exten, curls, olympic lifts? just wondering what your routine and conditioning levels are. Definitely buy some collagen and chondrotin sulfate, and msm for the joints. Ice done the areas after you finish working out to releive swelling. Your body is not used to the stress. laters pk

You could also add regular Knox (gelatin) to the protein shakes (10g) a day. Whenever my legs feel “dead” i usually go with treadmill and walk on 12% incline for 15-30 minutes or so (not easy as it sounds) or go with elipitcal machine and do nonimpact HIIT. you can also try tempo running which looks like this: at the track, run 100M at 400M pace then jog for 100M and so on for 2 miles which is a bit easier on the legs. You can also do on the grasses which is my favorite. Proper running shoes can make a huge difference.

I have been running on a new all weather track at a local middle school and I have been running in a brand new pair of Saucony running shoes. My work is:

Monday - Legs
Squat 4x6or8
RDL’s 3x8
Lunges or Split Squats 2x8

Tuesday - HIIT

Wednesday - Chest, Shoudlers & Tris
Bench 4x6
Seated DB Shoulder Press 3x8
DB Bench 3x8
Bent Lat Raises 3x8
Close Grip Bench 2x8
Skull Crushers 2x8

Thursday - HIIT

Friday - Back and Bi’s
Deadlifts 4x8
HighPulls 3x8
Bent Rows 2x8
Lat Pulls 2x8
Standing Curls 3x8

Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest

My diet has been pretty shitty lately and I need to get back to taking a multivitamin. Thank you for all of the suggestions.