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What is 'Tapering'?


Hi folks,

I'm Norwegian and I've done most of my reading/research in the Norwegian forums. On this this site I see a lot of people talking about 'tapering'. It would be really cool if someone could explain what that is exactly.

Is it part of the PCT, where you sort of 'ease off' the gear with smaller doses or what?

Thanks for a great forum!



Tapering er en fase i en idrettsutøvere opplæringsprogram der opplæring arbeidet de utfører er redusert. Disse fasene vanligvis oppstå etter en periode med hard trening eller forut for en stor konkurranse.

Eller for den del trapped ned på doser, treningsmengde osv :wink:



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Hi again,

Thanks for input guys, much appreciated!

Hmm, I think I get the gist of it, but I am still a little confused. How does it fit into a cycle?

Lets say you have a basic Test E cycle: 500 every week for 10-12 weeks + 4 weeks of PCT with Nolvadex & Clomid.

Where does this waiting period and tapering fit in? Is it an alternative solution to PCT with clomid & nolvadex?

Ok, thanks a lot!

PS - he, he the mancandy name is just a silly inside joke from way back in the day.


It replaces pct or is a form of pct depending on which way you look at it.

Read the test taper protocol threat stickied at the top of the forum. It should fill in all the blanks for you.


My understanding (and thanks to Bushy I am starting to read more indepth about the stasis topic) but here is an example that I think might help you know where to put the taper, but if I am wrong other will correct me:

20 week cycle woul dbe

  • weeks 1-10 Test @ the 500mg you suggested
  • weeks 11-14 test @ 80mg (and another compound that effects the stasis)
  • weeks 15-16 test @ 40 mg (and another compound that effects the stasis)
  • weeks 17-20 Noval @ 20mg ED

I could be right out in left feild, and if so I hope someone ill correct me, but this is my understanding thus far.

Hope it is of help seeing were the taper "FITS IN TO CYCLE"


Great stuff folks, this is very helpful for me!

Yep, I read the Test taper thread. I'll read it again too. I have a hard time with some of the 'lingo'.

Anyway, thanks a lot!



No reason to taper if you just stay on. My worthless 2 cents.


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Thanks Bushy, I guess I missunderstood that part in our talks.

So thanks again...I'll keep on reading.