What is T3 ?

what is t3??

You’re kidding right? Or are you another tool that refuses to do their own research, and thinks the people that have owe you one?

Actually, click on search and type “T3”. There is a lot of good information available.

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what is t3??[/quote]

T3 is the “active” thyroid hormone Triiodothyronine, or in drug form Cytomel. Thyroid Stimulating Hormorne or TSH cause the thyroid to produce T4(levothyroxine) which is converted to T3 by the deiodinase enzyme.

Now I’ve explained T3 a little with some terms and names that will help you do your own research as far as you want to know, and if you ever consider using it you better have a good understanding and not just copy down and follow an old-school ramping up and down regime blindly. Use the names and terms and get reading.

What are some people’s experiences while on cytomel? Any sort of strength increases or an increased ability to retain muscle while cutting?

(edit)well I just read up a little on it and it says after a couple weeks you will lose muscle, unless stacked with a steroid.

t3 is a penis enlargement, enjoy.

thanks beast that was helpful .

You need to start doing some research on your own, especially for something simple like this. If you type “t3 steroids” into Google the first three results are T3 profiles. If you are this lazy now you won’t earn much respect or get far in this game.