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What is T-Cell Alpha?


hey guys didn't know where to post this..but I've been on this site for years. Only now have I gone in the bodybuilding thread for the years I was on here I mostly was only in strength sports and combat sports and never looked at any other forums..and just read articles n such.
But what is T-Cell Alpha? I went on it today and couldn't post? lol Access denied..what is that about? do you have to have special privelage to be in it?


You have to prove your worth...


Yeah you gotta be invited in my man.


wasn't this talked about like 2 weeks ago in GAL?


lol uh oh..whats GAL? haha
Oh so that's the case then prove your worth! Damn man that sucks I thought for sure someone would invite me in by now if that's the case :frowning: lol


Your avatar scares the hell out of me.

It's like some poorly made humanoid deamoncat.


its a friggin tea party broseph, you wouldn't like it


GAL = get a life.

You've been here since 2005?


All joking aside, I think this guy deserves to be in there. Young and strong.

Of course it's not my call whether he gets in or not.

But if you do get in - Plese don't make a farking thread about it in the Cell.




ohh GAL get a life haha..alright yeah i'm not too good with those acronyms...you don't wanna know how long it took me to figure out what "IMO" meant haha.
Yeah I've been here since 2005..havnet been lifting since 2005 though..2005 I was around 15 years old and getting interested in lifting weights and such but had no clue what to do..so I found this site and joined.

I was "away" from this site for about a year..by away I mean not really lookin in the forums at all just read the new articles that came out and used the search function when I wanted to know somethin bout somethin.

Like I said before I never roamed any other forums..just strength sports and combat sports..every once in a while GAL haha and checked out sex and the male animal a few times for pictures of hot ladies but that's bout it.
I've been lurkin round the site more now and am really likin the bodybuilding forum so I'm here to stay guys..whether thats good or bad lol but i think everyone likes me :slight_smile:
thanks for the replies.


agreed. if you wanted to post in the T-Cell i think you should be provided access.



Yeah I'm just busting your balls.


the forum is a little slow lately, i like to think that its quality over quantity, quite a few good threads and advice - although the callout threads so far have been a dismal waste of html


i think you'd probably need to change your avatar first

ya know, so that if you post something in BBing someone may actually read it



He was posting yesterday.

I think the others that can let you in are Aragorn, Tiribulus, and malonetd. I don't think any one of them would have a problem with you posting in there, I've seen a couple of your lifts.


Judging from your profile pics you could definitely contribute positively to the cell...

Looking bricked....


thanks man!
Livefrom781 - I hope people would still read my posts regardless of my avatar :wink: lol
Yeah MAN i just thought of it liek damn I've been here since 05! Although I never scoped out t-cell alpha forum before until now, been here since 05 man! lol


Thanks for the invite X!


This is why I do not like it when people just recommend someone else as if simply being here means you should be in that T-Cell. Resturai has been in for a week now and has contributed NOTHING aside from a list of supplements he likes. What is the point of asking to get in if you aren't going to participate or elevate the forum?

The goal is to get people in it who actually jump into discussions, not just to let everyone in so that no one feels left out.