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What is 'Strong'?


Just curious what is considered 'strong'? Also, what is a beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc? I know many will say there's no gauge and everyone is different. Just looking for a guide.

A while back read 100% by military press, 200% bw bench press, 300% bw dl should be acheivable without gear. My immediate goal is 150% bw BP and 225% bw DL. Think I can hit these within a year. Want to get big (and cut) but figure getting as strong as possible first is the only way to do it. Never gonna really get big unless you can throw up serious numbers

Why the hell is lifing so addictive? Think I've become obsessed.


Good lord yes those should be easily attainable without gear and MANY have surpassed that witout ever touching gear.

It all boils down to you how you are built. lenght of arms legs torso etc. Me for instance. I have LONG arms and a shorter torso. It make DL's my strong point Currently just below 250% of my BW by a few lbs. and benching HARD currently just below 150% of my BW. Squat is 200%+ of my BW and I have never touched gear.

How about you not ask what is doable in a year and just set those as your goal and do your DAMNEDEST to not only reach that point but surpass it.

Good luck, Work hard, eat BIG/right for your goals.



Phil, thnks for the response.

As I wrote...just curious. I certainly will not let any figures prevent me from working my hardest and getting as strong as I possibly can. Extremely determined and focused and I know I will reach (and probably surpass) my goals


Strength is, and should be, a personal trait. Only when you put it in the context of a set of people, or the world as a whole, do certain standards about strong appear. While placing strength in the latter context is imperative in competative sports, as far as weightlifting goes, strong is your own perception. Yes, it is important, even as a weightlifter, to look to others for motivation in terms of how strong you want to be. But losing focus of the fact that strength is relative when placed in its proper context (as a BBer) is harmful in the long run.

I do hope that didn't sound too Oprah.