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What Is Strong?

Since I was very young I always wanted to be strong. Now that I am older I often wonder what I have been striving to achieve all these years. Is it a massive bench? A HUGE squat? To be able to lift cars? Or is it to be able to fight through all the garbage that life dumps on you and still come out on top?

So my question is, what is strong to you? What does that word mean?


Strong is not just big muscles and lifting heavy shit.


Good Question! I think strenght is a quality that can be applied to physical, emotional, intelectual, or spirtual aspects.

In general, for me the idea of strenght means for me to be able to overcome a load through the application of maximum force.

So, I am being strong whenever I am exerting my maxium effort in the gym, life, etc.

In terms of a physical goal, I equate that to a 400 bench, 500 squat, and 600 deadlift. picking up and throwing cars would be nice, just dont think that is within my human realm!


I read on another thread that soccer players are all incredibly strong ...hahahahaha (sorry knuckles, I couldn't resist).


Hehehe... ; )

Strength, of course, is relative. You judge how strong people are based on your own levels of strength. So the kid that's on the elipticals at the gym for an hour at a time probably thinks benching anything more than 135 pounds is strong.

I'll be comfortable calling myself strong when I can bench 4 plates and deadlift and squat 6 plates (on each side, mind you) unequipped.

Is this unrealistic? Fuck no.


Being strong to me means if someone held a gun to your head and told you to change your character than you would be dead.


Someone who is well rounded, knows him/herself and sticks to their convictions. That's true strength.


Strength is always expanding your outer limit of what's possible for you,playing with fear and anxiety like two puppy dogs all the way.


Here`s a link for 32 pages of Strength quotes. Hope this helps:



I think you'd have to clarify the type of strength you're after.

I know someone who I respect for his undying devotion to his principals, morality and character but I don't call him over when I have to move a sleeper-couch out to the curb.

On the otherhand, the guy I DO call to help me move heavy stuff is so swayed by fads, peer pressure and whim that I'd never talk to him about personal/emotional/spiritual issues.

I believe we are all born with various levels of these strengths. Gaining strength in any of these areas is then a matter of choice and free will. And no facet of strength is absolute.