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What is Strong for 185lbs?


In your honest opinions, if someone was 185lbs. and 5'10 what would qualify that person as strong? When do they stop being a person of "average" strength?

Let's just be basic here...

How many pull-ups would that have to do in a row?
How much would they have to bench?

Thanks for the opinions.


450 squat
350 bench
300 clean


Here is a good gauge of what I believe most people would consider a STRONG person. these numbers are not eye popping but to the average joe these would be impressive:

15 pull ups
315 bench press (something about that magical 3rd plate in most gyms will turn heads)
405 squat
405 dead
115 lb dumbell rows
100+ lb dumbell incline

curls are a bad exercise to judge since someone using much less weight could be working much harder than someone jerking around a lot of weight.


Why are those the only things important to you?


Uh 115lb dumbbell row kinda sucks. At least compared to a 315lb bench.

I can do 115lb db rows easy and im no where near the other numbers you posted (except pull ups)


I'll say: 20 pull-up
495 dead
more than 115 DB row


Get Rippetoe's Practical Programming, in the back there are charts that show you exactly what is considered average, advanced, elite etc. for some weight classes and the four big lifts.


When you no longer have to ask questions like that.


Typhoon, what are your lifts like?


Um - that is elite level genetic freak strong.....




1000lbs squat
850lbs dead
826lbs bench




Kerley, can you do that?


Since we're just talking "strong" and not "freaky one in a million strong" I would say bench 1.5x bw, squat/deadlift 2.25x bw, and standing press 1x bw.


Kerley does that shit while balancing on a Bosu Ball standing at the tip of a volcano, while getting shot at by the entire US army.


I use this as a guideline for me. Not sure how accurate it would be for you guys though.




I think a lot of people on this website are guilty of how should I put this having twisted views on reality. Especially when you have to take into account he's a beginner and not been training for that long. I dont know if a lot of you are joking who commented but id say to be "strong" compared to the average not training person id say. 1xbw for bench, 1.75xbw deadlift, and 1.5bw for squat.

And I realised you'll all have a rant about when you were 175 pounds you were benching like 200kg.


It sounds like a lot of people think Triple H is strong though and that's kind of cool.


beats the hell out of cross fit.