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What is Strength?

So I’ve been doing a bit of thinking and have come across a question that cannot be answered by the internet or any of my friends.

Q - What the hell is strength? What does it mean? Why do we want to be strong? What are the benefits of being strong? Why are we so fascinated with strength?

If anyone really knows, or at least has a remote idea, then let me know, because I like everyone else on here would like to know the secrets to strength, if there are any.


Well first of all, strength is a spectrum, on one end you have your max force development (powerlifters, oly lifters), and on the other end, extended low-level force development (ultramarathon types).

So to me, strength is anything that lies on that spectrum.

But mostly to me its a mental choice. I love Bernarr MacFadden’s quote, “weakness is a crime” that simple quote and his justification explains pretty much my outlook on life. Weakness is a choice, strength is a privilege.

Love that you started this thread btw, I could go on for hours, Im a huge physical culture nut/historian.

EDIT: This is just my opinion and the ideology I’ve latched onto, not saying its right.

If you have to ask you will never know.

What is strength?

Baby, don’t hurt me.

Anyway, since this was posted in the powerlifting forum, I guess I’d say that strength is having a high total. We are fascinated with strength because it’s badass.

I’m a simple man.

strength is the commitment to perfecting a skill

a miserable little pile of secrets

Technically strength is “the ability to withstand or exert great force, stress, or pressure.” (World English Dictionary).

Obviously, it helps in all kinds of endeavors. If you can’t reason your way through it, maybe you should spend less time smoking weed and getting all deep with your friends and spend more time lifting weights. JK :wink:

Secrets are for people who want to sell you shit. Lift, eat, rest, repeat. All the secrets you need can be found with research.

This is kind of like asking, “what is pussy and why do we want it?”

[quote]strengthstudent wrote:

This is kind of like asking, “what is pussy and why do we want it?” [/quote]

This one liner is a stroke of genius…I may have to rip this off and use it in the future :slight_smile: