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What is she thinking?

Ok, I want to run a quick scenario past the T-Mag collective and see what constructive opinions I receive, of course it’s relationship related… I met and started dating this woman on May 2nd. We hit it off immediately, we see each other on average of twice a week and things seem to be progressing in the right direction, i.e. a committed relationship, which is what I feel we both want. Well all the signals are there from her, she touches me casually, makes comments that let me know she is interested. Well this weekend she invited me to her house, made me dinner, we watched a movie, then things progressed from there and we ended up sleeping together. I ended up spending the night and the next day we went to breakfast with 4 of her friends. (They happened to call as we were walking out the door) So we get back from breakfast and she has an upset stomach from what she ate. I spend 10 minutes or so with her, give her a kiss and a hug, and tell her that I hope she feels better. This was at 11:00 am or so… Fast forward to 5:30 that evening. I was out with my friends for a motorcycle ride, I thought of her and gave her a call to see how she was feeling, No answer so I left a message. I did not hear from her the rest of the night. <<<Not receiving a return call kind of upset me, I mean how hard is it to pick up the phone, to return a call, and especially if it was the person you spent the majority of your weekend with? Do you think I am reading too much into this? I know it is such a simple thing, but that’s why it is upsetting me. Now I am confused, should I play the “game” Which I hate by the way and not call her? Should I say something about why I didn’t hear from her when we speak again? I’ll never understand women… I’ll never be the “Bad Boy” but I am a confident handsome guy, definitely not a pushover, comfortable in new settings i.e. meeting her friends etc… So I ask, “What is she thinking?” Any advice would be appreciated, especially from the Ladies…

what are you thinking? you are thinking too much… settle down… everything sounds aight, don’t worry till you have a reason to worry.

Maybe she just started feeling better and went out with her friends. Don’t start acting like your obsessed with her just because you slept with her. Continue the two a week thing. Or maybe she didn’t enjoy the sex and doesn’t want to see you anymore. You should go with the first thing I said until you find out more information.

Dude i do the same thing. i spent the weekend with this girl who quite possibly is the most awesome girl ive ever met. she called my three times last week,once when she thought i wasnt getting online and wanted to talk to me that night, and i still get doubts when she does one little thing. chill. i know what you are going through. she just might have been asleep. thats a definite possibility. i didnt get to talk to her one day last week and i didnt want to call to seem too forward. i was waiting for her to get online. then her brother signed on and i talked to him for a minute and then asked him where she was. he said that she had gone to sleep already. and i was freaking out over nothing. the next day i emailed her and told her that i was sorry i didnt get to talk to her last night. she emailed me back and said that she was tired of being in front of the computer and was hoping i would call. but she fell asleep. and i was all pissed for nothing. just chill and let shit happen.

She’s probably fucking one of your friends.

Unless you absolutely had to be somewhere you should have stayed. She cooks for you, you get snuggly and laid. Then the next day you give her 10 minutes when she is sick and then leave. She might not be to impressed with your efforts. I’m not saying you did anything wrong, but it might not have been the best move in her eyes. Then again its early days and she might not be upset at all. Good Luck

I think that maybe you are a homo in disquise and she sense’s that. Perhaps you will have better luck with the fella’s. Maybe she’s “nailing” RH.