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What is Pudz Secret?


So what's the secret of Mariusz? How he can get freakishly strong while mantaining that low BF%?

I've seen his "diet" which might seem like a yoke, is like 8eggs in the morning+bacon then chocolate then some gainers and repeat 6 times (bottom line: huge amonunt of nonc-clean calories per day)

ALso i know that he's obviusly on the gear, but other strongman don't?

But anyway, what is it? insane amount of juice?, genetics?, is he from krypton?


How about work ethic?


So you're identifying he's taking proteins, fats, and some carbs. Sounds like a well rounded diet.

Also- the dynamic of the sport is that he's training heavy, often, multidimensionally, and very quickly. Who needs cardio when you're deadlifting cars and carrying stones for time.


Insane muscle mass and low body fat is shockingly a more powerful nutrient potentiator than roids and even GASP say it aint so more potent than ALA. So how did he get that way? Hard work and genetics. He's reaping the rewards of his labor now and can eat whatever the hell he wants. An athelete that's in good shape that can eat what ever he wants and not get fat? Who's ever heard of that?


I see what he's asking. We're not talking about Lebron James sucking down rootbeer floats and staying lean. We're talking about a 300lb man mountain who's eating and traing roughly like his competitors yet looks better than all of them. They're all juicing, all training hard and all eating a ton. My guess is genetics on top of his hard work.


He is a Polish Cold War Super-soldier experiment to ensure that Poland is NEVER invaded again.

That's the only explanation I can think of.


1 Genetics.

2 Hard work.

3 Anything else that helps...


I'm starting to see a downside to strongman having its own forum...


freaky polish genetics, and lifting really heavy shit over and over again.



It says he follows a bodybuilding/powerlifting class.


Most guys at that level juice, with a few exceptions. Mariusz is a true athlete. If you watch some of his vids the guy swims, does plyo and bodyweight stuff, and has amazing flexibility for a big man.

At the elite level everyone's training is on point. I don't think his methods are vastly superior to anyone else's. The guy would be a superior athlete if he never juiced, but with it he is on another level.


Unfortunately I agree with you.


Yet you felt a need to start another thread asking about who at the top level juices? Im glad you have gone to asking the question to stating fact based off of what you found through the other informative thread you started.


Just about every post on here since it started has been shit.



Id say its 50% hard work, 40% hes Polish and 10% Hes the most badass muthafucka to ever walk the earth.


Nice answer, that was exactly was i was asking for.

I don't know why is that dumb idea that to be a better strongman you should eat like 3 pigs. Pudz has demonstrated that having that low BF, helped him to be the best strongman of all time (until now i think)

And regarding to his diet, i think i didn't explained it well, the main thing is that he "said" (smells like lie), that he ate huge amounts of junk food, lots of simple carbs, lots of sat. fat, etc...

Ok, Work ethic? what exactly does that mean...?

PD: and I agree, he is "the" badass madafaka



I might be a n00b, but at least I know to keep my mouth shut.


If you have to ask big man, you can't afford it...


Sorry, I couldn't resist a good Beerfest reference with that last comment, but seriously, what is work ethic? Are you fucking kidding me? No athlete has gotten anywhere close to being someone with out having the work ethic of a illegal immigrant trying to send money home to his family (especially in strongman). That is what makes or breaks a strength athlete of any kind.

-Here is a great example of some work ethic.


If you see videos of him compared to others he trains more like a bodybuilder, he swims, jumps rope, boxes, and does other cardio type training. Plus he's in the gym almost everyday plus he does events training. He's burning more energy and training more than even the elite in the sport.