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What is Pharm-Grade Anyway?

I decided to post this as it was made clear to me a few days ago that some people think that if something comes from a pharmacy (online) that makes it ‘pharm-grade’ (specifically talking AAS drugs here).

Pharm-grade is slang term referring to a drug that was manufactured by a legal, registered human grade pharmaceutical company. It is slang for pharmaceutical company - NOT pharmacy.

The difference between a drug sold at an online pharmacy (which are mostly either small far eastern chemists legally selling steroids to travellers from the west [although buying them is not legal depending on your nationality] or just ‘shop-fronts’ for illegal steroid sales) and a chemist in the US or UK will differ vastly.

One only sells the Steroids that are for human consumption AND legally prescribed to the general population (for example, i do not think one can get Anadrol unless they are in a hospice) and the other simply sells steroids (in the context i am discussing) that could be UG, Veterinary, low level Pharm. or even totally fake.

Then there is Vet-grade. Veterinary grade drugs do not have to pass as many health and safety checks to be licensed for use in animals and as such it is easier to register as a vet-grade pharm company.
For this reason it is an eas(ier) cover for people to get larger quantities of AAS to their particular market - in this context it is the steroid using bodybuilder - a very large market indeed.
The quality does not touch the quality of the aforementioned Pharmaceutical grade, though it does have regulations it must meet (AFAIK).

Then there are Underground labs - these are OFTEN sold in ‘pharmacies’ on-line and come in amps, vials, bottles, blister packs, gelatine capsules - and can be very professional, whether in look, active drug quality or safety.
But they are often lacking in at least one area.

UGL vary from small operations that follow no health and safety guidelines and contain no active ingredient, to very large pharmaceutical companies that test their products to professional standards but simply cannot afford to become registered pharmaceutical companies (that topic is article material rather than post on TN material).

As there is no regulation their quality is very hit and miss.

JUST because an online pharmacy sells a drug, it doesn’t mean it is pharm grade.
Many on-line pharmacies that are legally operating in Asia would not have a hope in hell of operating legally in Western Europe or North America.
They sell vet grade, Pharm grade, fake and UG lab gear to people without prescription or medical supervision.

So with Pharm grade products not being created equal, the UG labs naturally aren’t either - confusing as hell isnt it!

Top notch pharmaceutical companies include companies such as Schering and Organon, with the lower quality companies including Norma and Iran pharm. or global.

For UGL you have top quality highly (self-)regulated companies like Axiolabs and you have small unbranded outfits ran from some non-laboratory environment.

For active drug quality - it is honestly anyone’s guess… you can get UG products made in a garage that have as high quality Test in as a top level pharm manufacturer along with private assays carried out and sterile procedures - and you can get well know companies selling T as Tren and containing enough mercury to turn your cock into a thermometer (it’s useful, but it puts the girls off…).

However the fact is, with the top level pharmaceutical companies you KNOW what you are getting; a high quality, sterile, zero contamination, pain free product that is EXACTLY what is says in exact that dose.

So unless you know who you are dealing with personally, have arranged your own assays on your own powder sources and are capable of creating a sterile product or have had a personal referrals you trust… then i would stick to pharm grade only.

I personally do number 2 along with using human grade gear.