What is nmol/L?

Hi Guys,

I got my labs back and my test is 19.3 nmol/L. Apparently that’s ok for a 28 yr old male… what do you guys think? My doc said the ranges are between 12 and 28 nmol/L… and that my result is what he would expect.

I feel that is kinda low, plus I find it very hard to keep muscle.

any ides?

It is fine…you don’t have an issue with that regard…

What is nmol/L?

A mol is the amount of carbon in 12 grams of carbon 12, also equal to 1,602x10^-23 particules . A nanomol is 10*^-9 this amount. a nmol/L is this amount in a liter which is 1 kg of 1 water and which is a volume of 1dm1dm1dm which is one tenth of a meter

thnks guys.