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What is 'Net Neutrality?'


Will "Net Neutrality" affect T-Nation? In case some of you haven't noticed there was some type of internet regulation passed today (12/21/2010). Apparently it is a big deal and people are ticked. How does it affect us? How much more is it going to cost us?


I haven't seen much of what's gone on today... But I have been following it, as a web designer/future developer it's somewhat a point of interest for me.

As far as I'm concerned the crux of the issue, cutting through all the crap is this...

The internet is a powerhouse in terms of the economy, it is currently and a lot would like it to stay that way an open-web. Meaning that people can setup businesses within the limits of their own nations law, when they like. You can setup whatever websites you like and visit whatever websites you like as long as you pay your internet bill.

What has been going on recently is that a lot of big American organizations and corporations have decided to press on the matter even more, using wikileaks as a scapegoat to do so. Believe me, net neutrality issues have been going on for years. With ISP's wanting to charge you for fixed packages much like you would get on TV. E.g if you want to visit these sites you must pay the so and so package.

What this means is the internet wont be open anymore, small businesses wont be included so you can't visit them anymore this monopolizes the internet for a few selected corporations, making them more money and of course making ISP's more money.

Also another issue is that America has decided all of a sudden to be world internet police, which has pissed a lot of people off already... America seem to feel that the internet somehow belongs to their government so they want a lot of their organizations to start pulling whatever websites off of the internet that they want to.
.COM .NET and .ORG all fall under American jurisdiction and if they allow any of these organizations to govern the internet in Americas interests what we will have is all those domains being affected. Even if the business is not based in America and adheres to their own countries laws.

Basically T-Nation should be ok, assuming they don't see the site as a threat... Which they may do because Government is pretty F'D Up... They probably don't like the idea of people using their brain to better themselves and would rather we all be obese and reliant on pills.

We will see what happens, if anything ever did happen like this I think they'd be shocked to see what would happen. There are too many tech-savy people out there to let the internet be packaged up and governed by one country.


Do you think the empire presently build on cards will make it to QE4? :slight_smile: Times are changing. I should copyright that. :slight_smile:


I seriously hope not. But so far we are at 4.7 trillion according to "CNN Stimulus Tracker" That increases the worlds money supply by 54%. Most people don't realize that their savings and retirements are being robbed due to rising inflation. How is the economy supposed to grow by 54% when we are in credit debt beyond belief. We don't have the industrial capacity to pay off the debt because we borrowed money for the last 30 years to buy depreciating assets ( TV's, cars, boats, etc.) not infrastructure and factories. That is why our debt stands out. Some countries have more debt, but they have the capacity to pay it off. That's why the rest of the world will move away from the dollar when they realize it's no good. Unemployment numbers go down when they pump more money into the system, but the jobs created are retail jobs (WalMart Target Kmart etc.)because people are using that money to buy Chinese goods. We are super big trouble, unlike anything this country has ever seen. It's like a snowball rolling downhill, eventually we will have a dollar crisis.



Economics is the hardest thing i ever tried to figure out.

It has much less to do with the deficit then taxing the super rich.

Most stats i read state the super rich make up 15000 to 20000 people in all of the USA. One time they all paid over %90 in income taxes. Now they pay less then %30.

So the government now has to cut down on social spending to keep these blood suckers happy. Because they basically own the white house.

This said, the capitalism system is not working right now for the greater population.

Super rich = Billionaires.


Well...thats not very American at all.


I won't even talk about the wars! lol Lots of money to go around just we have a lot of super selfish groups around.


lol You guys have to get the head out our asses - common folk - your white Europeans.

Anyway, the whole world has 8 billion people, Unitied States? 300 million.

The average joe should stop thinking this "America" thing makes them different from the rest of the world.


Lets move this to PWI if were going to start talking about economics and this 'need to tax the super rich' fallacy. I actually like this forum...lets not ruin it.


Agreed, this is a stupid topic for this forum.


We are unique, name another country that is even remotely similar to the USA.


They must have deleted my response. I don't know why. I didn't hyperlink anything to you. It seems like the feds are making laws and regulations so fast that it makes your head spin. They act like they want to help the economy, but they contradict everything they say. Your right about them wanting to think for us. It seems like they tell us what we want to hear, but do the opposite.


The state of CA has spent 20% more money during the recession than it did in the two years before the recession hit; any discussion of reform should start with the federal and state governments not receiving one penny more of my tax dollars; if you disagree: fuck you and yours for fucking with me and mine.


I think we are beyond a solution at this point. Look where we are currently economically. Then look where we are headed. Social Security, Healthcare, etc. Bottomline is the devaluation of the dollar to negative numbers. China is in a currency war with us. They are getting inflation because they are printing equal amount of dollars to buy our bad dollars. They basically said enough is enough. So now we sell them 30 year IOU's which don't amount to anything. They will start rejecting those too. Who knows they probably already are.


Simple solution. Stop giving money for nothing. Don't get me wrong, I fully recognize that people need help from time to time, but it has gotten ridiculous how many handouts were giving out. And they want to give more. It just doesn't make any sense.

Second simple solution. If you don't work, if you don't pay taxes, if you're not a legal citizen, you don't get to vote (yes, I know this will never happen). Think about it. This will allow those of us who started working at 14 and were getting taxed with no vote to say how its spent the right to vote. All the bums collecting welfare and unemployment..the money you and me worked hard for just to have it stolen...lose their vote.

So will ILLEGAL aliens. Watch as the dems lose their voter base. They lose seats. Unemployment eventually gets minimized, people stop being paid to sit on their asses, get jobs. And don't tell me there aren't jobs out there. I got laid off. Had an interview in a week, new job in three. Had to take a paycut, yes, but I'm working.

My dad is a farmer. Actually one that would be hurt by tax rates going up. He 'makes' as far as government is concerned over 200,000 dollars a year. However, after paying employees, paying land leases, paying loans to the bank, loans to equipment dealers, gas and other expenses, plus a ton shit more and taxes, he only took home 70,000 last year. This year will be a lot worse because of the economy. But yet, he needs to be taxed more so the bums can be paid to sit on their asses. Yeah, that sounds fair. Not one of those bums has come to him asking for a job, but yet they'll vote in politicians to tax his business to failure so they can continue to be lazy..this country is fucked.


I thought businesses and the self-employed were taxed on net-income, not gross.


Athens, Roman Empire...


Not really - I should have been more clear, my fault. I was referring to the great melting pot that makes up America. We are truly unique.


Any info on how much of that 130,000 actually goes to people on government assistance?

Also, I think the "Lazy bums sitting on their asses" view of those on government assistance is fairly inaccurate and unhealthy.