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What Is Needed?

i’ve posted here before and i’ve seen good articles on fitness and health. I’m currently in the military and just got back from my 1-yr deployment in iraq. i lost alot of weight down there by doing alot of cardio. i’ve brought my body fat % down and am still working on it. my next step is to tone up the loose skin left over after losing weight.

I’m not looking to be a bodybuilder but i want to tone up. what is recommended for me to start taking once i start lifting? any protein, creatine, power boost drink, vitamins of some sort? i’m 6’2" and 235 lbs. T-Alpha gave me some good advice on posting here and asking questions to get on the right track. since i’m military i can’t take anything that is on the steroid act of 2004 because it’s being stressed on us alot since the canseco-steroids situation popped up recently. thanks for the advice.

This is what you should be TAKING:

venison, buffalo, beef, chicken, turkey, fish, pork, shrimp, oysters

eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese,

fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds.

1-A-Day multi vitamin, C & E, Fish oil,


End of list.


This is a bit off topic I know, but isn’t it kind of strange…

Here, go out and kill people, dodge flying bullets and bombs, but god forbid, don’t use steroids to enhance your physical capabilities!

Anyway, mini rant over. The advice above is pretty good. With good workouts and good nutrition, you’ll do pretty well.

If you need a protein powder to help you avoid improper food choices due to lack of planning, then of course you may want some Grow! Hopefully the Grow! bars will be out soon – I’m planning to hook up with those for this purpose.

If you still need to lose some fat, and you do have your calorie levels in check (perhaps keeping a food log) then it’s worth considering HOT-ROX. You can’t eat like a horse and expect to lose weight, so don’t buy fat loss assistance until you are actually moving in the right direction on your own.

Also, a lot of folks around here swear by Surge. It can really help with recovery and kick you into an anabolic state. Find the articles about post workout nutrition and read up on the science behind it.

ROLLED OATS!!! I can’t believe I forgot rolled oats.


Yikes! dude dont say you want to get tone, thats just asking for ball busting. and dont worry about getting huge it wont happen by accident. thank you for serving your country. you will find all the info you need to get into the shape you want here. you need to eat well and train correctly. supplements can help greatly but only in the context of an excellent nutritional approach and good training. good luck.

I was asked to explain why I said dont use the word “tone” Tonicity is a complicated subject which I wont get into but I will say that you train to get bigger and/or stronger. Harder muscles will come with training you dont need to train for it. And saying you dont want to get “too huge” is annoying because it sounds like you beleive its just a matter of wanting to get huge or that it can just happen. To reach the freakish proportions you see in pro-bodybuilding takes years and years of serious training and tons and tons of food as well as a truckload of drugs. So its not horrible to say you dont want to get to huge is just annoying because it shows you havent really thought about the subject of muscle gain and realized how much work is involved in even gaining small amounts of muscle. Hope this explains it well enough and hey some good natured ball busting is always fun.