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What is My Estimated Body Fat?

I dont have time to do a body fat percentage measurment. Looking at the, photos what do you think iam at? iam thinking 14 percent? Fyi I lost 40 pounds in 5 months never been this weight 175… so thats y iam curious. Thanks for the help.

I would say 12-13%.Are you bloated in the 2nd pic?

Your bf could be anywhere from 12-16%. The exact number is arbitrary, but that would be the general range. So your estimate falls right within that. You do look dryer in the first pic, which I see was taken 5 days later. I wouldn’t worry too much about the value right now, but congrats on the weight loss.

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No I wasnt bloated that was after a workout of abs and chest. The other picture was first thing in the morning.

Thanks man appreciate it.

Compare yourself to me. I just did skin fold measurements with calipers and came in around 11%. From what I’ve read and seen I should probably add 2% or so. I guess that puts me around 12-13%. I think you’re pretty close to me.


Thanks for taking the time to help out. Ur ripped my man your all ready for the summer lol

Off topic whats ur calorie intake per day? Just curosity iam aiming for physique like you just ripped and shredded.

@str8tcrissin be aware that there it is highly unlikely that the calories @JMaier31 needs (let alone macro breakdown) to maintain his physique will be what you need to achieve a similar physique. He is one tall dude and weighs around 230 lbs (right?), while you weigh 175 lbs. He also hasn’t been particularly fat before as far as I’m aware, whereas you did a good job to lose 40 lbs. Your bodies are going to react differently to specific macros, calorie amounts, etc for a while.

I’m actually in a similar position to you, and only around 10 lbs heavier. All I’m doing to let my body readjust is slowly up my calories (100 cal/day every six to 12 weeks depending on how I go) within my LBM maintenance window until I reach the top end. Let’s say you’re around 12 per cent bodyfat; that puts your LBM around 154 lbs. Your maintenance window at that LBM is between 2150-2600 cal/day. What I’d do in your position is slowly increase increase your calories until you hit the top of that window. By that time your body should have adjusted to being leaner. How you split your macros is up to you. I’m keeping my split much the same as I used while I was cutting down, just with a little more protein.


you look really good there dude


Like @MarkKO said we’re all different in that aspect. I’m down to 222.2 lbs this morning. The heaviest I’ve ever been is 247. I spend most of the year between 220-235 lbs. I’m a shade under 6’5".

I track my food pretty meticulously and I’m currently eating 3000 calories a day. I’ve started posting my macros in my log each day. I’ve recently increased my cardio/conditioning but I don’t account for any exercise in my daily calories. I eat the same whether I train for 2 hours or rest.

I’ve been tracking my food for years and I’ll still make adjustments as I go. It’s all trial and error.

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Awsome man thank for your input. Ye iam consuming around 2100 calories daily. Did alot of cardio and isolation workouts to get were iam now. Iam happy with my physique and weight however I wanna put on more muscle now to get thicker and my main focuse now are compound lifts starting today actually! So i know I need to up my calories and more than likely rearrange my macros because I dont eat as many carbs as I think I should. I have a fear of consuming more calories and uping my carbs I dont want to hurt my progress although deep down inside I know I need to consume more carbs and up my calories to get bigger.

Thanks again sh…it your tall pictures are deceiving.

Why don’t you add 100 calories of carbs to 2200 cal/day? See how you go over a couple of months with that (you’ll be fine), then add another 50 calories of protein and 50 calories of carbs to 2300 cal/day, etc.

Cool something to definately investigate. U tha man

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What was your main cardio?

like 14%