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What is My Bodyfat?


This was a very heinous thing to write. There is no “get out of jail free” thing here.


No getting out of jail free… or deleting your posts!


Jesus Christ. “I hope your first child dies.” What a piece of shit. Fuck this guy.


He was personally attacked for no reason… bad response yeah… but it would be nice to keep things friendly to begin with.


Why are all of those bolts numbered like that?


You’re right that people could have treated him better. Wishing death on someone’s child isn’t a “bad response” though. I’ve been called all sorts of names online over the years, as have a lot of other people without ever wishing for a child to die in order to punish a person I was ticked off at.


Can you highlight the post(s) where he was personally attacked?


i tried to delete the post so many times over time and i just snapped…i didnt mean that, but even to this day they wont let me remove it…so i deal with it…in all honesty i thought i was gonna get advice, answers, ect…jokes are cool im not a bad sport but damn…lol whats up with the moderators here, i asked i tried please remove and they just wont fucking do it, how the fuck is that okay, if it was them or one of their buddies it wouldve been a different story

but thanks for saying something for me


and by the way that comment did exactly what i wanted it to do…


No one can give you an accurate answer just by looking at your picture so you shouldn’t have expected actual percentage estimates.

You did get advice. The second answer to this topic was get a real measurement. If you didn’t look up any accurate methods of measuring bodyfat you were just being lazy. There are many options like DEXA scans, caliper measurements, hydrostatic weighing, etc. DEXA scans are likely the most accurate.


A body fat calculator can be found at FitMatic. It uses your sex, weight, height, age and six body measurements. It calculates your body fat using six different methods, your lean weight and your FFMI (Fat Free Mass Index).