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What is My Bodyfat?


this is a pic of where I’m at right now and I’m trying to I’m at right now and I’m trying to figure out where I’m at for calorie counting and stuff for a cutting cycle I guess I was like 18% I said 20% before someone told me I was crazy what do you think?



27.8963% by my calculation


Without a photo of your insides, I lack the ability to know how much visceral fat you are carrying. A photo is meaningless in that capacity.

If you want a real answer, you need to use a real measurement.


Be careful what you ask for on the internet…


Lol somebody will have a real answer


They will have an answer you like, but it won’t be a real answer.


There are way too many variables for someone to guess your calories from a picture. You look like you have an active job. Start at 12 calories × BW in lbs and do that for 4 weeks. See what your weight does and adjust up or down based on results.


It’s impossible to tell what your body fat is from a picture.


I’ll guess you’re about 15-20%


It’s not that it’s a big deal, it’s that someone asks this question once a week. As @T3hPwnisher notes after your post, you could be anywhere between 15%-20% (I’d say even higher).

What does that information do for you?




Lol thanks buddy


I would guess over 9000.




you could try the navy body fat calculator


Lol x’4 different posts in this thread


I was trying to delete the whole thing lol.


No clue, but I’d say bodyhair % is a solid 6.8%.


All I need to know to figure this out is, did you take your clothes off in front of your coworker and have hive take a photo of you?


32 percent bodyfat. 18% bodyhair. 48% pale. 2% neck tattoo. 100% SEXY.

But real question here: who decides to get their first and only tattoo on their neck??? How does that happen?