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What is my Bodyfat Percentage?

Hi everyone, can you please estimate my bodyfat and to see if it still OK for m bulk (cleanish bulk) or should I go on a cut instead?

Body fat is about Sexy AF %.

IMO You can afford to do a slightly dirtier bulk than what you’re currently doing but not too dirty - you don’t want to get fat.

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Also, legs?

How long have you been working out? What does your current diet look like?

I’m going to go ahead and assume you have been working out (consistently) for less than a year and your diet is sub-par. Don’t worry about your body fat % at this point in the game. Find a solid program from the many on this site and eat good, clean, meals.

Google “Help a Friend Get Stronger”. Following what Jim has laid out is what I would start with.

Cut what?

not sure

You’re probably a little leaner than me currently, so about a true ~11% or so.

For fucks sake, just train and eat good. It’s so annoying seeing shit like this


There are rules about these things that must be followed.

No shoe, no estimate. Period.

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Was just about to post “Please post a photo of yourself holding a shoe so we can get an accurate estimate.”

Here are a few images of me; my back, front ect.


traps look pretty big, good stuff.


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Come on guys, i get its funny to troll people and i admit this threads responses gave me a laugh but you were all a beginner once. Just help him out

The answer is NO… because its impossible to do even remotely accurate by photos .

Get your eating and lifting in order and forget bulking and cutting at your current stage…
@littlesleeper advice is on the money for you at this point.

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