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What is My BF? Should I Cut or Bulk?


Training time 6 months




BP: 75kg

DL: 182.5KG

SQ: 110KG


Where was that picture taken?


Austria on 7500ft, went for a swim while hiking.


LOL, that's the first thing I wondered when I saw the pic.

OP, don't worry about BF% at this point. Or for a long time. It's just a number, and you can't really tell accurately by eyeballing or any other method than something like a bod-pod.

Just focus on building strength in your big lifts and gaining mass at an appropriate rate. And, assuming you're training mostly for looks, ask yourself this frequently: "When I look in the mirror, am I getting the results I want?" If the answer is "yes", you're doing it right, bottom line.


If you want to look like you lift weights, I would suggest bulk...


me likey.


I don't see any shoes. No way to tell. Retake holding some Reeboks up for comparison purposes.


16.8% by my calculations


I came up with 18.1 horses, with a standard deviation of 591 caterpillar expected values


Looks like a nice place. Just added Austria to my "possible future vacation destinations" list.

As far as the original question, all depends on what you want. I say bulk, add [at least] 10lbs of muscle over the next 3-6 months [or longer], then cut to something leaner than you are now.

What do you want to do?


Just add muscle buddy....


After speaking w/Id he mentioned w/the added wt of the snow globe it would be impossible to determine accuracy. So, w/that removed he has come to the conclusion that you should eat more.


The Dwarf still has it!


A shoe might help


Add some socks for more size.

Definitely add more food.


Love the replys, ate like a beast and pulled a 190kg.


Good man! always good to have a PR.