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What is My Best Possible Bench?

Ive always had my alltime bench goal set at 3 Plates, dont know why, just sounded like a realistic, but still impressive number. Now, im 19yo, and im sure i will hit this number already next year, way earlier than i expected. Ofcourse it feels great, but now i have no idea what to expect / what to aim for, since 3 Plates always seemed so far away and now its like “meh, it wasnt even that hard to reach” Ofcourse i will start to aim higher, but how much? 160kg, 180kg, 200kg? What is realistic? Im expecting to be about 93kg heavy when hitting the 140kg mark next year. Are 180kg realistic? Or is it aimed way too high? Just like to hear some opinions. Thanks in advance

Probably best to actually hit the goal, before worrying about new ones.


Your goal should always be more reps and more weight. Don’t set super large jump goals. Just do what you need to do to get to the next mark.


Your sure you will hit it next year and meh it was too easy to reach are not quite saying the same thing. You didn’t reach it. I thought 405 would be easier than it is and I’ve been benching 370+ without hitting 405 for over 3 years.


How long have you been lifting?

About 3-4 Years ago. Started at 50kg bodyweight, am at ~85kg now

Yes, 405 is REALLY high, thats why im not sure if I should make that my new all-time go or rather go for 160kg / 350lbs first

Probably true

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I think you should bench 405 before you attempt 350. And kids should learn to run before they can crawl.

Don’t impose limits on yourself, just keep training and getting stronger. If you bench 405 one day are you going to quit lifting?


After 365 everyone wants 405, why not 370? I’m guilty of it too sometimes but it’s funny how we just think we’re going to make this magic jump out of no where sometimes.


Maybe I misread but you current bench is what exactly?

How tall are you? Max weight without knowing height is misleading. 405 lbs for a guy moving the weight 6 inches in a favorable leverage position is different than a long arm guy moving it 14 inches. I’ve watched some guys move massive weight, but they were short and bulky which was way to their advantage.

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125kg / 275lbs. Im planning on adding another ~7-8kg of bodyweight, so 140kg shouldnt be too difficult to hit then

Im close to 5’10 / 177cm and 85kg atm, planning on reaching ~92-93 until may. I have no idea if that height is short / average / tall or bad / normal / good for benching. also i have no idea about my arm length, but id guess its pretty average

You know what i mean. Its just that i always need go get better and improve, I wanto to have a fixed number in my head. Ofcourse 160 has to be reached before even thinking about attempting 180, but if you love soccer for example, will you say “My goal is to play in 7th division one day, thats why im going to training every day” or will you say “My dream is to be a world champion soccer player”. I think you know what im trying to say, i love big goals, but i also hate to fail them, which is why i want to find something big, but also not too unrealistic.

You are taller than the guys pushing massive weights. But you are not at the disadvantage height either. 405 bench will be impressive for you. I will caution you though, pressing heavy weight over time will beat you up. I ended up with lifter’s shoulder. I ended up not being able to lift anything for about 5 months.sometimes people are stronger than their body. Meaning, you may be able to press a massive load, but your tendons may not be able to support it.

So why not “My dream is to be a world champion powerlifter”?

He weighs 275 at 19 years old and he still plans to get bigger, his height doesn’t look like a disadvantage. And for bench, height is irrelevant, arm length and torso size is more important.

EDIT: I thought 275 was his weight.

Being tall and skinny is not conducive to success in powerlifting. If you want to do well in this sport you are going to need to gain some weight.

In retrospect I would focus on breaking 136kgs first long term.


Just for comparison, I’m 5 7’ and I was around 105 kg when I hit 140 kg. The lightest I was when I hit close to that (137.5 kg) was in the mid-high 90s.

So at 5 10’ I think you may find 140 kg at 93 isn’t easy at all.

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If I benched 500, I’d probably call it a day on bench lol